Shrimp Stories

Crystal Truong: SSA’s Newest TX Board Member

Galveston, Texas  |   Texas Gulf Seafood

Crystal Truong is the newest member of the Southern Shrimp Alliance’s Board of Directors, representing the state of Texas. While many of SSA’s Board members have been involved in the battle against unfairly traded shrimp imports and the push for science-based fisheries management for over a decade, Crystal brings fresh eyes to the problems. As [...]

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Knight’s Seafood – “Since 1975”

Brunswick, Georgia  |   Knight’s Seafood

Remember going down to your local waterfront to get the “catch-of-the-day” right off the boat? Whether you lived by the ocean or you were on a trip to the coast, it was usually a place off the beaten path with special sights and the feel and smell of a salty breeze. While finding that type [...]

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The Versaggi Family, Florida’s Shrimp Pioneers

Tampa, Florida  |   Versaggi Shrimp Corp.

If you have ever wondered about the history of the U.S. shrimp industry, then you need to meet the Versaggi family. The family’s first generation pioneered offshore shrimping after introducing powerboats and adopting new equipment, and developed new markets for shrimp in New York City. The second generation developed a large fleet of cutting-edge vessels [...]

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James Blanchard, commercial fisherman from Louisiana

Houma, Louisiana  |   Boat owner, Captain of Waymaker

In Houma, Louisiana, the Captain of the 63-foot steel hull trawler, Waymaker, looks relaxed and carefree as he holds Amelie, his first grandchild born in February 2012. The hard economic realities facing shrimp fishermen seem far behind James Blanchard as he talks about his two daughters and son. “This little girl trumps Hurricane Katrina, the [...]

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