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It’s Official: Shrimp Is Under SIMP

As of today, shrimp imports are now officially covered by the U.S. Seafood Import Monitoring Program (SIMP) in accordance with the final rule published in the Federal Register by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) on April 24, 2018.   “We are one important step closer to protecting millions of U.S. shrimp consumers, our U.S. shrimp fishery, and […]

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Working in coalition with representatives of the Garden State Seafood Association, the West Coast Seafood Processors Association, and the National Association of Charterboat Operators, the Southern Shrimp Alliance has played a leading role in generating a powerful letter of support to the United States Senate for S.2904 – the “Vessel Incidental Discharge Act”. The bill will make permanent the […]

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P.D. Mason Featured in Documentary About North Carolina Commercial Fishing

September 24, 2008   Raleigh-based WRAL’s Documentary Unit produced an excellent twenty-minute documentary piece on the challenges facing the commercial fishing industry in North Carolina.  The documentary, “Focal Point: Net Loss,” begins with a segment focused on North Carolina’s shrimp industry, including an interview with P.D. Mason about his business and the efforts of the Southern Shrimp Alliance to address […]

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Meet the Garcias: Owners of America’s Largest Family-Owned Fleet

The Garcia family of Palacios, Texas were profiled in Producing Excellence, a Farm Credit publication that shares compelling stories of American farmers and ranchers. The Garcias have the largest family-owned fleet in the United States, with 30 shrimp producing vessels between Edward Garcia, Sr. and his four sons. In addition to catching shrimp, Edward’s daughter, Regina Pena operates the family’s […]

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Oceana Advocate Learns About Shrimping

The author of the tumblr blog, “The Institute of Appropriate Priorities” took a sabbatical from a job at Oceana to do a roadtrip to visit America’s busiest ports and to travel abroad. In visiting productive fisheries, he spent a good amount of time learning about the U.S. shrimp industry firsthand. The blog includes a short profile of Craig Wallis: […]

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Wayne Magwood Featured by MSN’s re:Discover

Wayne Magwood of Charleston was recently the focus of “Saltwater in His Veins, Charleston in His Heart,” an inside profile on MSN’s re: Discover. The series provides “insider profiles” that help readers rediscover “the soul of your favorite cities” across America. Wayne Magwood was chosen to represent the multi-generational, traditional way of life that is representative of shrimp industry in […]

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In the News: Shem Creek’s Newest Captain and Boatowner

Sully Witte of the Moultire News profiles Shem Creek’s newest shrimp boat owner, Vasa Tarvin, 21, in the May 8, 2012 article, “There’s a new boat on Shem Creek.” Tarvin learned the shrimping trade under one of the oldest names in the shrimping industry, Captain Wayne Magwood. Today, Tarvin  is the captain of his own boat called Miss Paula, named […]

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Magwood’s Shrimp Featured in the Charleston City Paper

The Charleston City Paper’s Dish Dining Guide promotes local shrimp from Captain Wayne Magwood that appear on the menu of Two Boroughs Larder, a local-centric restaurant and market in downtown’s Elliotborough neighborhood. In “The Magwoods keep the heads on and the freshness intact: Wild Shrimp,” Robert Moss writes: At the peak in the 1980s, almost a hundred trawlers operated out […]

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In the News: Retail sales helping Tampa Shrimp Docks

Philip Morgan of the Tampa Bay Times profiles Tampa Shrimp Docks, in the February 19, 2012 article, “Retail sales helping Tampa Shrimp Dock wholesalers.” The walk-in retail trade is steadily improving. The Port of Tampa security, which tightened in the wake of Sept. 11, has eased up at the shrimp docks allowing local residents the opportunity to buy fresh wild […]

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Rosa Zirlott, an SSA Board Member for Alabama, recently sat down with Gary Saunders,” Chief Eating Officer” of the award-winning, to discuss the Eat Wild Alabama Seafood campaign and the fishing community of Bayou La Batre. The site has been featured in Southern Living magazine, on NPR Radio, and countless other local, regional, and national media outlets. Read […]

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