Imported Seafood Safety

Search Antibiotic-Contaminated Shrimp Refusals from Around the World

The Southern Shrimp Alliance has compiled databases for all shrimp products refused entry by enforcement agencies in the United States, European Union, and Japan due to the presence of banned antibiotics and other antimicrobials.  The databases are of information obtained directly from the enforcement agencies’ public disclosures.  Users can sort and search the databases, which are compiled in Excel format. The data and dates available vary by the information made available by each enforcement agency.

These database compilations are provided by the Southern Shrimp Alliance to enhance the ability of consumers, suppliers, restaurants, and retailers to evaluate the risk of exposure to antibiotic-contaminated shrimp.  As these data show, antibiotic use in shrimp aquaculture is limited to a small number of countries and failures to detect and prevent antibiotic-contaminated shrimp from being marketed can be attributed to a limited number of shrimp packers and exporters.

This information is important for:

  1. Businesses who are concerned about the imported seafood they stock and sell; and,
  2. Consumers who want to find objective information about current food safety issues with shrimp imports;
  3. Reporters who need to put U.S. findings of imported shrimp containing banned antibiotics into a worldwide context; and,
  4. Policymakers who work to combat the failures in our system that allow a limited number of shrimp packers and exporters in a few countries to sell contaminated shrimp in the U.S. market.

Sort by manufacturing firm FEI number, legal name, address, country of origin, product, refusal date and more.

Sort by product, refusal date, country of origin, type of banned antibiotic, and more. RASFF does not report the name of the specific company.

Sort by product, country of origin, name of manufacturer or shipper, antibiotic finding, year and more.

Food Safety Regulatory Agencies by Country

The links below allow you to review information published by food safety regulatory agencies in the United States, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, the European Union and Australia regarding seafood and other imports.


Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Searchable Mandatory Inspection List

European Union

European Commission

Searchable Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF)

Food and Veterinary Office

Searchable Inspection Report Database


Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Imported Foods Inspection Services

List of Import Refusals (found at “(8) Recent Cases of Violation of the Food Sanitation Law that were Found on Occasion of Import Notification (Flash)”)