In 2009, the SSA continued its efforts to attend commercial fishing meetings and to update industry participants about the latest activities by the organization and with regard to numerous issues that affect U.S. shrimpers and their businesses. The SSA presented information at the annual shrimp association meetings in Texas, Georgia and South Carolina, two different association meetings in Florida, and the Gulf and South Atlantic Fisheries Foundation meeting in Tampa. In addition, dockside workshops were conducted throughout the Florida panhandle and widely along the North Carolina coast.

At the end of 2009, the SSA initiated a new series of “town hall meetings” regarding the potential settlement with Thailand. The SSA held three meetings in Louisiana, one in Alabama and one in Georgia by the year’s end, with additional meetings scheduled for early 2010 in North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida.

Additional information on upcoming meetings can be found in the SSA’s electronic newsletter, which is e-mailed to its membership and posted on its public Web site. A hard copy of the newsletter is sent to members without an e-mail address. Breaking news and other important updates are posted online and sent to members throughout the month as needed.

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