Marketing Programs

Through marketing, the U.S. shrimp industry can create niche markets that allow U.S. shrimpers to demand a higher price for superior product.  The SSA used part of the revenue from the first administrative review settlements to support state marketing programs.  In years past, the SSA completed several requests for federal appropriations for national marketing efforts of wild caught American shrimp securing over $10 million dollars.  In 2009, the SSA began new efforts to revive U.S. wild-caught shrimp marketing through discussions with key partners within the industry.  While a variety of ideas are under consideration, continuous funding and ensuring a higher price is paid at the vessel level remain as real obstacles in moving forward.

The SSA will continue to pursue marketing strategies that benefit U.S. shrimp producers and will oppose any marketing strategies developed that do not expressly work to the benefit of shrimp fishermen.

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