Request for Public Comments: Coast Guard Regulatory Form

Good Day,

An opportunity to effect change!  The U.S. Coast Guard has put forth a
request for public comments on “Evaluation of Existing Cast Guard
Regulations, Guidance Documents, Interpretative Documents, Collection of
Information” by Executive Orders for regulatory form.

You will have until 10 July, 2017 to provide your comments.

Feel free to contact me or your local examiner for questions.


Mr. Al Waterford, USCG (ret.)
Program Manager, Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety
Fishing and Passenger Vessel Examiner
United States Coast Guard
Sector St. Petersburg
Preventions Department
155 Columbia Dr.
Tampa, FL 33606
Tel #: (813) 228-2196, ext. #8136
Fax #: (813) 228-2399
For More Info Go To:
Commercial Fishing Vessel “Checklist Generator”

“As a maritime regulator, it is imperative we engage and keep pace with industry.  The Coast Guard will facilitate commerce – we will not impede it.”  – Admiral Paul F. Zukunft, Commandant
Please click the following link to view the federal register:

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