Three Little Shrimp

Three-Little-Shrimp-300x239Shrimp is a popular item on kid’s menus across the nation. Yet, most children don’t know much about the life of a shrimp. That is the problem that drove J. Steven Spires to write Three Little Shrimp, a story that follows three young shrimp separated from their troop as they explore their habitat while remaining oblivious to all of their predators. Illustrated by Jonathan Caron, the playful story introduces young readers (ages 4-10) to facts about shrimp.

The author, a third grade elementary school teacher from Slidell, Louisiana, reached out to the Southern Shrimp Alliance to promote his first book, which was released this past May on National Shrimp Day. For more information about Three Little Shrimp, please visit or contact Steve at

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